Mobile Commerce


With exponential rise in customers becoming mobile, subsequent growth is evident with companies opting for their online store becoming accessible from internet- enables mobile devices.  Customers use their mobile or tablet for browsing website and shopping online. With these business opportunities come challenges – mobile commerce differs from traditional eCommerce and levy different restraints than desktop computers / laptops. They provide an opportunity to explore new web enabled applications and services.

Magento provides you with applications to quickly and easily create storefront for your mobile device so that you can shop on the go. It allows websites to be responsive thereby online storefront converts its look as per the mobile device and web browsers and webpages look pleasant in all screens. Its features address key issues of interoperability, usability, security and privacy thereby making it preferred choice for mobile commerce. 

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Websites Optimization

Optimize Mobile Compatible Websites

Greytrix optimizes Magento’s mobile compatible feature to enhance your storefront. Greytrix provide you with outstanding layout and a state-of-art UI designs that ensures an amazing mobile shopping experience. This mobile interface uses HTML5 technology and supports iPhone, Android and Mobile Opera browsers. It includes out-of-the-box features such as:

Magento’s mobile HTML5 (pre-integrated)

-- Device-specific media capabilities for audio and video

-- User-friendly search and results display

-- Clean display of product detail pages

-- Pinch, multi-touch and scaling images

-- Easy swipe between product images

-- Zoom capabilities

-- Cross-sell and up-sell capabilities

-- Drag-and-drop of products to the shopping cart

Native Device Applications

Support available for native applications on iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices

  • One admin panel for multiple devices
  • Seamless integration with your current product catalogue, CMS and store configurations
  • Real-time customization including updates for promotions and merchandising
  • Support for a wide range of checkout capabilities


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Native Device Applications


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