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Sage 300 Document Numbering

In Africa's dynamic business landscape, companies need adaptable software. Greytrix's Document Numbering Add-On for Sage 300 ERP system provides an economical solution for improving Sage's document numbering system. This enhances document accessibility, management, and security, resulting in a tailored approach to business operations in the region.

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Features of Document Numbering Addon for Sage 300 ERP

Document management software simplifies document numbering and incorporation.

The data is divided into five segments: Prefix (Document Type), Number, Fiscal Year, Location, and Custom (To Be Determined).

Each setup can be assigned a unique code called a Document Structure Code.

The addon checks the Account Set/Location for the structure code. If it is not found, the standard numbering logic is applied.

The interface enables a unique numbering system for each document type, ensuring user-friendliness.

Users can easily create unique numbering sequences with the Numbering Structure feature.

The Numbering Mapping option determines how transactions are numbered based on the associated Account set or Location.

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