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Sales Commission Addon

The sales Commission addon in Sage X3 ERP software streamlines the commission management process, guaranteeing precise and prompt payments to your sales representatives.

Commission Workflow


Calculate commissions on Sales Orders and Accounts Receivable Invoices.


Post commission payments and expenses to the General Ledger.


Pay commissions on fully settled or outstanding invoices.

Benefits of Sales Commission App

Native Integration

Seamlessly integrated into Sage X3 software using the platform’s robust services.

Flexible Commission Structures

Establish adaptable commission structures and implement customized plans for commission calculations.

Automated Calculations and Postings

Streamline commission analysis and automate the posting of commission payments for efficiency.

Real-time Commission Tracking

Effortlessly monitor commission calculations for each sales transaction.

Commission adjustments

Adjust commission payouts based on individual transactions for accurate calculations of payable commissions.

Timely Commission Payments

Enable the seamless process of commission payments to your sales representatives.

Robust Reporting and Inquiries

Gain access to detailed dashboards that offer comprehensive sales analysis reports, including earned and payable commissions.
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Features of Sales Commission App for Sage X3

Easily set commission rules based on multiple criteria.

Streamline the process of calculating commissions for numerous sales transactions.

Ensure accurate and timely posting of commission payments to sales representatives.

Thoroughly understand your sales commission information through detailed reports, inquiries, and informative dashboards.

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