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Greytrix brings the Acumatica and Checkbook integration that paves the way for a secured exchange of digital checks. With the increasing demand for secured digital transactions, this solution enables you to exchange e-checks and triggers payments on time. This minimizes manual interventions for signatures, checks maintenance, and reduces costs and waiting time for check clearance.

Acumatica, the cloud ERP, automates operations, assures accurate data collection, and helps carry financial analyses with ease. While Checkbook enables businesses to enhance their banking operations with e-checks and a range of customizable deposit options. Moreover, the Acumatica and Checkbook.io integration is built for modern-age businesses as it is highly adaptable to suit the current needs and scale for the potential future needs. Choose the most secured payment solution, the integration of Acumatica and Checkbook.io for your business today!


Integration Touchpoints


All Accounts Payable payments from the ERP is integrated into Checkbook.io.


Forget hassles of tracking as you receive live status of the check which is also synched into Accounts Payable payment entry in Acumatica.


Integrate all bank masters from the cloud ERP into Checkbook.io to enable seamless transactions.


Make payments in a breeze

Paper checks can easily be misplaced, stolen, or even damaged if you're not careful. Also, because paper checks take time, transitioning to e-checks is a wise decision for businesses that want quick and safe options.

Automate Banking Transactions

Automating banking transactions empowers businesses to go cashless. Digitizing all your banking transactions with Acumatica and Checkbook integration allows you to be more efficient and effectively manage your financial resources.

Secure Payment Solution

Track e-check status from Acumatica. This integration impeccably manages all payments in a single system, assuring you complete control over all payments. In addition, Chequebook.io deliver your checks safely with zero errors throughout the process.

ACH Payments Made Simple

The ACH payments are processed quickly with speedy verification, and users are notified of payment receipt in their vendor account within 3-4 days. Integration of Acumatica and Checkbook.io automatically delivers the remittance information to the vendors.

Improves Payment Management

With digitized checks, process all payments effortlessly in a click. Also, a simplified payment lifecycle helps fast-paced businesses to trace, track and record all the revenues from anywhere, anytime.

Why Choose Greytrix?

Over the last 22 years, Greytrix has developed proficiency in delivering Industry-relevant CRM and ERP solutions and customizing them to suit business demands. We also offer Acumatica Integrations with CRM and third-party apps via our unique cloud integrator - GUMU™. GUMU™ enables seamless integration with on-demand or scheduled data synchronization.

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