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GUMU™ Powered Salesforce Integrations

GUMU™ is our plug-and-play champion integrator that seamlessly transfers your data from one system to another. Developed on the platform (upgraded to LWC and the latest technology), it gives Salesforce platform users an extra edge to manage customers smoothly and focus on crucial tasks. GUMU™ provides you reliable Salesforce ERP Integration solutions to integrate Salesforce with ERPs without errors, complex procedures, & data loss.

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GUMU™ for Salesforce – Sage ERP Integration

Are you searching for integration to boost your business performance? Look no further than GUMU™ for ERP and CRM Integration (Sage Intacct, Sage X3, Sage 100, Sage 50US) now available on Marketplace. Our feature-rich Salesforce Integration with ERP provides actionable customer insights, and extra-ordinary customer experience, and resolves inquires on the go

Enhance Results with our Salesforce App Expertise

Salesforce – Advanced CRM that unifies diverse processes like sales, operations, marketing, commerce, and more. At our core, we’re experts in and ERP Systems, which empowers us to create custom Salesforce Integration solutions. Our advanced framework and certified Salesforce experts ensure seamless integration with ERP featured on, AppExchange, and Salesforce Implementation. Join our happy 55+ customers who rated us 5-star reviews for GUMU™ for Salesforce – Sage ERP Integration and discover why we’re a trusted Salesforce Partner. Try us out today!

Greytrix a Growth Catalyst for Every Industry

Why Choose Greytrix?

Sage Pioneers:

With a decade-long presence as a prime Sage Partner and expertise in ERP and CRM, we deliver top-notch Salesforce integration with ERP, and third-party apps.

55+ (5 Star Reviews & Counting):

We’re thrilled to have received 55+ (5 Star Reviews & Counting) from satisfied customers that have experienced the power of our custom-built solutions and innovative services.

Salesforce Masters:

When it comes to Salesforce, we’re the ones you can count on. As a trusted Salesforce Partner with our in-depth knowledge of Salesforce, we can tackle any system concerns.

On Salesforce Platforms Since 2014:

With a decade-long Salesforce Partnership under our belt, we’re proud to say that we’re listed on all prime Salesforce Platforms, allowing us to deliver the best to you.

High Value, Low Costs:

We know that every penny counts. That’s why we’ve built affordable ERP and CRM solutions that meet your business needs and all sizes.

Minimize Data Concerns:

Ready for an integrator that puts your data first? GUMU™ is the answer for secure data integration that guarantees data privacy, security, and integrity.

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Our Happy Clients

Dag Gonzalez Director, Partner Solutions at Datamation Systems Inc.

Exceptional Service and Professional Work
As a Sage customer with a fairly complex list of customizations when the time came to add Salesforce we needed a reliable systems integrator. If you are reading this, you probably realize the skill sets needed to handle complex integration between these system's leave very few partners. Greytrix, along with our other integration teams, provided a complete suite of integration tools, exceptional customer service and reliable support. We are extremely pleased with our outcome and look forward to a long relationship.

Julia Hughes Project Manager at Hainsworth Laundry Company

Great Linking between Salesforce & Sage
Greytrix was great to work with. We had a unique Sage configuration and they were able to get our integration setup very well. The team was very responsive and made sure to keep us up to date on all development.

William Gann Director of Lighting at Brandon Industries

Outstanding Customer Service For a Complex Integration
Greytrix has been extremely helpful in solving our fairly complex integration between our ERP system and Salesforce. They have been able to handle just about everything we've thrown at them that falls within Salesforce's scope of capabilities. They've even been able to come up with some workarounds for some of Salesforce's limitations on some features we need. Rohit and Aseem were particularly helpful with our efforts and were an absolute pleasure to work with. Their response time was fantastic when issues arrose (keep in mind we're on completely different time zones) and you could tell they genuinely cared about helping. Highly recommended!

Nikki Tregunna Project & Service Admin / Salesforce Administrator at Summit Innovations (Part-Time)

Great Service and Support
Greytrix has been extremely helpful in our GUMU integration journey between Sage ERP and Salesforce. The team have listened to our requirements and have resolved any issues we have had along the way. The team have been a pleasure to work with and their response time to any issues or questions that have arisen has been fantastic, bearing in mind the difference in our time zones.

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GUMU™ – is our champion integrator that offers seamlessly integrated solutions for all kinds of systems (ERP, CRM, & Third-Party Apps) and domains (E-Commerce, Finance, Accounting, Healthcare, Non-Profit, and much more)

No worries; we integrate Salesforce with your existing systems, such as accounting software, HR management, and inventory management systems.

Your data is in safe hands, instantly transferred, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere with flawless data integration powered by GUMU™. It is not a middleware and does not store your data transfer.

One top-rated Salesforce integration is GUMU™ for Salesforce – Sage ERP Integration (Sage Intacct, Sage X3, Sage 100, Sage 50) that streamlines your workflows and drives business growth.

Our skilled developers make sure to integrate Salesforce hassle-free with custom-built applications, regardless of the technology stack used to develop them.

We offer integrations (Oanda & Configure one) that work with multi-currency and multi-language data, ensuring businesses can conduct operations globally.

We can help you to scale your Salesforce integrations as they grow by conducting regular system reviews and making necessary adjustments to accommodate additional data or systems.

The champion integrator – GUMU™, automates the data mapping during integrations, minimizing the risk of errors and reducing the time required for data mapping.

We help you to integrate Salesforce with AI and machine learning platforms by leveraging APIs and advanced integration frameworks.

From the start, we collaborate with you as a guide to identify relevant IoT devices and sensors. Our designs of integrated solutions work as you want and are agile to keep up with your growing business needs.

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