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Sage Intacct - MediusGo Integration

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GUMU™ for Sage Intacct MediusGo Integration Connector

GUMU for
Sage Intacct - MediusGo Integration

The GUMU™ integration for Sage Intacct – MediusGo brings together the functionalities of an automated accounts payable system and accounting ERP software making your business a hub of faster and sleek processes.

As modern businesses are resorting to cloud-based software to cut down on various costs, there is an uproar on Cloud-based systems. These run in parallel with the requirements of contemporary businesses helping them with quick deployment, better security, and efficient returns on their IT investments. MediusGo is a cloud tool that helps ease workflow, automate invoice processing and accounts payable processes. It allows handling multiple invoices simultaneously while providing easy access to them. The user has complete freedom to roll out control levels for approval. With dynamic workflows, streamlined approval and review processes, MediusGo is here to take over and redefine your purchase modules. Meanwhile, Sage Intacct looks after all your accounting and financial processes, delivering rich insights and relieving your organization from complex operations. It helps simplify bills, accounting and reporting processes helping you get better ROI on your IT investments. GUMU™ connector brings these two eminent cloud-based solutions to help small and mid-sized businesses in their hustle. When the power of Sage Intacct-the cloud accounting software meets the seamless automated accounts payable process of MediusGo, the results are wondrous. Give your organization the much-awaited Digital transformation with the GUMU™ Sage Intacct-MediusGo Integration.

Integration Touchpoints

Company | Greytrix


GUMU™ supports multi-entity mapping between the two systems. In the case of a multi-company setup, transactions related to each company can be pushed accordingly.

Currency | Greytrix


This integration makes your organization boundless. All currencies from the Currency master in Sage Intacct is mapped to MediusGo.

GL Entry | Greytrix

G/L Account & Vendors

All General Ledger account data, business partner like suppliers and vendors details from the ERP are integrated into the automated AP system.

Dimensions | Greytrix


Department, Location, Warehouse, UOM, etc., are integrated from Sage Intacct to MediusGo.

Sales Invoice | Greytrix

Purchase Orders & Invoices

GUMU™ enables smooth integration of purchase orders and invoices, making it accessible from both systems.

Receipt | Greytrix


Delivery Receipts from Sage Intacct are integrated into MediusGo. In addition, the purchase receipt status is updated and posted in MediusGo.


All product-related details are promoted to MediusGo, thus enabling a single view across the organization and easy access to all details.

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Acclaimed client satisfaction for all-around services

I'm very happy to have received the exceptional support of Pritesh and Aditya during this implementation process, as they went above and beyond to meet our needs while fixing our problems, and they really made a difference on the first impression we had when dealing with all the initial challenges. They were very knowledgeable and worked very hard to ensure all issues were fixed in a timely manner. They were also very patient as we learned about the GUMU product and its features, took the time to explain everything in detail ensuring we had everything we needed to be successful with the transition, and with our Go Live.

Heidi Araiza Customer Service Manager, Danica

The Gumu integration tool was recommended by our solution partners when we looked at linking our Salesforce platform to Sage and this began our interaction with Kavita and Ashwin. With no real understanding of how powerful this tool could be, your willingness to meet on teams and address questions or provide guidance has been much appreciated, Your professional approach to our requirements, speedy response to our emails and your knowledge and skill in tailoring your tool to meet the needs of our team has resulted in a successful project "go live". Thank you for your incredible patience with us. We could not have done this without you!

Carol Lowe Salesforce Administrator, Servest (PTY) Ltd

This has completely met our needs in terms of Salesforce/Sage integration. GUMU hits their target spot on by providing the integration for both platforms to work in unison. Their implementation is well planned and intuitive. However, a great product is nothing without strong customer service. Greytrix provides just that. A dedicated team works with the customer to resolve any issues which may arise. Communication is prompt and reliable. In short, everything works as it should, but if the customer has concerns or problems along the way, Greytrix will be responsive - in communication and problem-solving.

Kyle Ivy Digital Accessibility Account Manager & Salesforce Admin, NewView Oklahoma

We are still discovering more ways to capitalize upon Greytrix's GUMU Sage ERP Integration for Salesforce! Greytrix knows both Salesforce and Sage 300 inside and out. Working with Hayat and Adil to customize the solution to our specific sales team and work environment has been a pleasure. With regular online meetings we have been able to collaborate with them and their team to create a vital business resource to empower our Sales Agents and provide our staff with easy access to the data required to monitor and grow our business. Highly recommended.

Ken McRory General Manager, Vortex Canada

Team Greytrix's GUMU™ is a product that syncs the data between our Salesforce and Sage 100 ERP system. During the discussion phase of our customization, they understood our requirements and delivered a solution that suited our business process and needs. The team was able to suggest workarounds to any challenges that we faced. Even after going live, they periodically monitored our integration and provided us timely updates and were quick to answer any of our queries. Throughout our engagement, the team has been very supportive with some exceptionally Great support.

Steve Honick Technology Executive, CCT Tapes

The solution that Greytrix provided for our Sage100 to SalesForce integration was far superior to our previous integration. Being that my company was switching our integration to Greytrix there were some complications that we ran into while uninstalling old components, however the TEAM at Greytrix supported every step of the process with rapid and reliable assistance. Not only is the quality of their standard product very high, but also of the customized solutions that were designed for us. For a high quality product, with reasonable pricing and unparalleled customer support - I would recommend GUMU for SalesForce to any company utilizing the Sage ERP system.

Joseph Madrazo Solution Engineer, NPC Global

Greytrix has proven to be a solid partner in our Salesforce implementation. Their GUMU tool works effectively and without issues. The Greytrix team has always been very professional and responsive. We are very pleased with our decision to use them as our partner for data integration between Sage and Salesforce. Regarding communication: While the email correspondence with the Greytrix team was exemplary, prompt, courteous, and with screen shots and very detailed explanations, the challenge our team faced in the planning stages was the voice communication. With the time variance from India and the US, we were limited on the time of day we could have voice conferences.

Jamie Burdett Sales Support / SalesForce Administrator, SAM Medical

GUMU is a fantastic, cost-effective product and the dedicated and hardworking Greytrix team were responsive to every question asked, addressed each issue we encountered, and continued to help us reach the goal line. Greytrix/GUMU was recommended to us by the professionals who monitor our ERP system (Sage 100). We had a somewhat challenging integration, due to the quirks of our existing system and the fact that our business model does not fit Salesforce's out-of-the-box functionality. Because our Implementation Partner continued to help build/refine Visualforce components and many custom objects in our Org at the same time, there were a lot of moving pieces (and a few missteps along the way, as often happens) while we learned.

Christin Landis Fraser Consumer Engagement Manager, Milton's Craft Bakers

The best thing I can say about our Sage 300 integration with GUMU is that I don't think about it anymore. Everything is working perfectly. Our Salesforce setup and Sage process are a little bit outside of standard practices but Greytrix was able to make it work with how we work. Customer service was great. Questions were answered quickly and when a more in depth discussion was called for, they were ready to jump on a call.

Mike Quill Salesforce Administrator, Academic Innovations

The Greytrix team behind the GUMU integration is very professional. They're on call almost 24/7. It took us a long time to get started and they were patient throughout the whole process, answering our every question with expertise. The product itself is pretty straight forward, easy for an admin to understand and maintain. On top of that, their team is composed of talented SalesForce and Sage experts, who know exactly what they're talking about.

Alex Trinh Global Vision