GUMU™ The data exchange framework

Greytrix – a global leading solution provider delivering integration, migration and development solution for Sage ERP & CRM. Greytrix enables companies to manage core business operations with its powerful and robust integration engine – GUMU™.


GUMU™ is a data exchange framework created by Greytrix with a purpose to facilitate rapid data movement and automate processes between two or more applications. The framework connects to any internal or external IT systems either using built-in API’s or by developing new plugins to establish a link between the application and the framework. Thus providing the ability to create various data migration or integration solutions where data is analysed and moved between systems either in a single or bi-directional movement. 

gumu data integration migration

features of gumu

Features of solutions created using GUMU™
  • Working with simple plug-and-play applications with no manual mapping, coding or complex configurations required.
  • Installation can be done in a few minutes and users require minimal training to deploy and use solutions.
  • Real time data transfer or viewing makes it possible to move data quickly and maintain data consistency across applications.
  • Connecting multiple databases and systems using a single framework to move data across the entire organization.
  • Importing clean and organized data to maintain existing business logic and streamline workflows. 
GUMU™ for CRM – Sage ERP Integration

It delivers seamless, real-time, bi-directional integration that plays a pivotal role in unlocking the potential of enterprise data to make smarter and faster business decisions. Industries operating in manufacturing, distribution and services have opted Sage CRM and Sage ERP for simplifying business complexities.


Available GUMU™ CRM – Sage ERP Integrations are:

data migration

data migration

GUMU ™ Sage ERP | Sage CRM Migration

At Greytrix, we understand that data migration is a complex task which involves mapping and moving of data and objects from old to new systems. It is more of a business – level decisions than a technical one, as there may occur instances wherein sub-standard migrations adversely affect ERP - CRM deployments leading to data loss thereby loss in business opportunities. GUMU™ connector simplifies the entire Extraction, Transformation & Loading process of data migration to Sage ERP or Sage CRM:


Available GUMU™ Sage ERP Migration are:


Available GUMU™ Sage CRM Migration are:

  • Salesforce | ACT! | SalesLogix | Goldmine | Sugar CRM | Maximizer to Sage CRM 
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