Business Process Analysis

Business process analysis is a systematic approach that allows you to understand, evaluate, and improve the processes within your organization. Greytrix Africa gathers data, analyze it, and designs a future state that aligns with your strategic goals. Then, process mapping and data analysis are used to document findings for continuous improvement.

Implementation Planning

Implementation planning is a crucial phase where project planning and management objectives are translated into actionable tasks. Greytrix Africa enables setting timelines, allocating resources, and identifying risks. Clear communication and a comprehensive plan ensure smooth project execution and successful outcomes.

Project Management

Greytrix Africa embraces a disciplined approach to plan, execute, and achieve your objectives in project management. We manage resources, timelines, and budgets to ensure successful completion while addressing risks and changes that arise. Through our expertise, we drive efficiency, foster collaboration, and deliver high-quality results, making project management an indispensable discipline for organizations across various industries.

Professional Services


Greytrix Africa offers developers a comprehensive software development kit (SDK). With a wide range of tools, libraries, and documentation, the Greytrix Africa SDK empowers developers to create innovative applications for specific platforms. It provides pre-built functionality, sample code, and APIs, enabling efficient development and ensuring compatibility with African market requirements. Streamline your development process with Greytrix Africa SDK and unlock the potential of software solutions in Africa.


Greytrix Africa's commitment to customer success goes beyond training sessions. We provide ongoing client support, assistance, and guidance after completing the training program. It ensures that users have access to the resources they need to overcome challenges and maximize the benefits of Sage X3.

Customer Support

Greytrix Africa's customer support service for Sage X3 is characterized by its expertise, responsiveness, and dedication to customer success. By offering comprehensive assistance and training and staying proactive in keeping up with the latest updates, we ensure clients receive the highest level of support to make the most of their ERP system.

Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) seamlessly connects and integrates diverse software applications and systems within an organization. It streamlines data flow, automates processes, and improves collaboration. EAI eliminates data silos, enhances productivity, and reduces costs by creating a unified IT infrastructure.

Upgrade Services

Greytrix Africa offers Upgrade Services, maintaining operational efficiency with optimal software performance. Before embarking on an upgrade project, our techno-functional consultants analyze your existing systems and evaluate the factors necessitating an upgraded ERP system. We offer the ROI analysis and detailed business scenarios that quantifies the true benefit of upgrading your current business.

Migration Services

Greytrix Africa understands the holistic need of East African industries and arms technology powered with the best tools for painless data migration. Therefore, we follow a roadmap that considers data analysis, data extraction, data cleansing, and validation of data that finds errors and eliminates data duplicity, and merges data as necessary during the cloud migration process.

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