Manage User Roles for GUMU Configured User in Dynamics CRM

In the world of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM), effective integration is paramount. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a versatile system of user Profiles, each tailored to the roles and responsibilities within an organization. These Profiles dictate access levels and permissions, ensuring seamless functionality across the board. Enter GUMU™ Integration – a… Read More »


In the dynamic landscape of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), the key for smooth operations lies in the complexities of the import routine. The import Routine plays an important role in any ERP as it provides automation to end user to create the bulk of entries at one time and makes the process easier to avoid… Read More »

Maintain Routing in Sage 500

Sage 500 ERP, formerly known as “MAS 500,” is indeed designed to assist medium-sized businesses in managing various facets of their operations. It serves as a robust accounting software package and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. The primary goal is to enable progressive, mid-sized businesses to streamline their processes, gain business insights, and enhance overall… Read More »

GUMU™ – New Quick Line Entry – Sage CRM -Sage X3 ERP Integration

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, seamless integration between systems is more crucial than ever. That’s precisely where GUMU™ steps in to bridge the gap between Sage CRM and Sage X3 ERP. This robust and customizable integration solution establishes a real-time, bidirectional link between the two platforms, ensuring a smooth and continuous exchange of customer… Read More »

How to Set Up Payment Methods in Sage 500

In order to manage the payments to vendors effectively, it is important to understand their payment preferences. Sage 500 ERP provides a solution through the Maintain Payment Methods maintenance task, which allows users to maintain four types of payment methods. New Stuff :- How to merge AP vendors in Sage 500. When the module is… Read More »

How to merge AP vendors in Sage 500

Managing vendor information is an important aspect of any Accounts Payable (AP) department. As businesses grow and evolve, the need to merge vendor records becomes increasingly common. The AP Merge Vendors utility is a powerful tool that allows businesses to combine two existing vendor records into one, streamlining vendor management and reducing clutter in the… Read More »

Maintain Recurring Vouchers in Sage 500

User can create recurring vouchers in Sage 500 to maintain their payable items on regular basis like Monthly rental income, contract billings. User needs to setup recurring information in recurring voucher and they can be selected and transferred to a Maintain Recurring Vouchers as necessary. Every time when recurring invoice is posted, the system automatically… Read More »