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Update Existing Ship Dates to all so lines on Enter Sales Orders and Quotes screen in Sage 500

Sage 500 always looking for ways to give the user a very unique and additional functionality to make the data entry process easier and understandable. This new enhancement feature has been introduced in Sage 500 from 7.3 version to allow Sage 500 user to modify the existing ship date to all the Sales order lines… Read More »

Customer Return flow in Sage 500

In Sage 500 ERP, Multiple returns policies are easily managed. You can determine whether return material authorizations (RMAs) are required or not. Customers can return items from multiple orders on one RMA, even if you shipped them from different warehouses, it can save your customers as well as data entry user’s time. New Stuff: – Visual… Read More »

Create PO from Blanket Purchase Order in Sage 500 ERP

‘Blanket Orders’ are the blanket agreements that are long-term arrangements between a purchasing organization and a vendor, or a sales organization and a customer, for the supply of items or provision of services over a period of time based on predefined terms and conditions. New Stuff: – Migrate Customers from Sage 100 ERP to Sage… Read More »

Migrate Sales Invoice from QuickBooks to Sage 100 ERP

GUMU™ for QuickBooks to Sage 100 ERP is a Sage certified Migration solution. Greytrix provides Migration services at its Sage Migration Centre and fulfils the business requirements. New Stuff: Migrate Purchase Invoice from QuickBooks to Sage 100 ERP This blog is in continuation to our series GUMU™ ERP Migration services. In our previous blog, we had discussed… Read More »