PREVIOUS() function in Crystal Reports

In the Sage X3, we have various standard reports for almost every screen which are developed in Crystal Report. Also we can develop new customized crystal report as per the client’s need. For one of our client we have developed a report that contains all the information related to Work Orders (report is printing in… Read More »

How to conditionally format fields using the Highlighting Expert in Crystal Report

In the Sage X3, we have various standard reports for almost every screen which are developed in Crystal Report. Also we can develop customized reports as per client‘s need. Crystal Reports is a popular Windows-based report writer solution that allows a developer to create reports and dashboards from a variety of data sources with a… Read More »

Tracking Restriction and Creation on the basis of Stock Availability

As we know, Production Tracking is created against Work Order in Sage X3. But if stock of raw materials/components is not available then creation of Tracking should be restricted. Usually this type of customizations are done to restrict Tracking creation. But here in this customization we have added one more condition to handle partial Tracking… Read More »

Refresh Graphical Requester

You must have noticed that the custom Graphical requesters added to the Sage X3 home screen do not refresh automatically. To refresh it, users have to manually refresh the Graphical Requester. This can be automated by passing certain parameters to the menu items. Navigate to Administration ->Authoring ->Menu Items, and select your Graphical Requester menu… Read More »

Creation of Bar Charts and adding it to Dashboard

In industries Dashboard plays a very important role for users which provides summarized data of organizations, transactions and masters. Sage X3 has features to show dashboard data into graphical charts like bar chart, Pie chart, line chart & different types of chart. One of our clients has a requirement to represent the data on the… Read More »

Exporting Real Time – SEI Data Models Using Excel Add-In

We all understand and know the importance of analyzing the daily/archived business data (from all different working styles & scenarios e.g., Sales, Purchase, Delivery, Warehouse, Payroll, etc.) which just not only helps to understand the current situation & performance of your business, but also helps to gain great, useful & valuable insights so that one… Read More »

How to perform CRUD operations using classes and representations in Sage X3 V12.

Introduction: Sage X3 provides various features with user friendly screens and their amazing functionalities. The screens can be of various types such object based, function action based, inquiry screens , etc. For performing create, read, update and delete operations on a table, we need to have a screen for entering those data but what if… Read More »