Feature: How to create product with specific naming format using Product configurator in Sage X3

Introduction: As we know, Product configurator is the Sage x3 functionality which allows to create product along with BOMs, routing etc. There are some basic parameters that need to be set first. The first one is Configurator symbol where we can define the questions which can be used while using the configurator. The navigation for… Read More »

How to solve Error: “@X3.TRT/SUBSDHA$adx (2612) Error 6 : Variable Non-existent GLBDOCDAT” in Sage X3

Sage X3 is enterprise resource planning (ERP) product which help organization to manage all the operation of organization and database into a single software solution. Sage X3 contains list of modules like sales, purchase, inventory, project, financial and many more. One of our clients is encountering an error when trying to open the sales delivery… Read More »

How to customize the trace log file for errors and success messages

Trace files are extensively utilized in Sage X3 software, particularly during lengthy processes like Automatic Invoice Validation or Automatic Work Order Release. When a trace file is displayed, error lines appear in red text, allowing you to navigate through the errors. To customize a trace file, follow the below steps: Step 1: We need to… Read More »

How to show comma-separated value for single or multiple fields in Sage X3 reports using crystal report

Crystal report is a business intelligence application used to design and generate reports from a wide range of data source. It supports connectivity to various data sources such as Microsoft excel, SQL server, Oracle and more. It includes major features such as formulas, cross-tab reports, sub-reports, and conditional formatting etc. In crystal report sub-reports are… Read More »

Adding Additional Invoices to Closed POs in Sage X3

When your PO is accidentally closed and your invoice status shows as fully invoiced and need to do changes or add products in line level you will get an error if the PO is closed and fully invoiced as shown in fig 1.1. We can achieved this by re-opening the close orders. To Re-open a… Read More »

Error “A: Unauthorized stock status” while creating purchase receipt in Sage X3

Sage X3 prevents customers from obtaining a “A: Unauthorized stock status” warning by providing three quality control settings, the degree of which varies based on the setup. Suppliers tab in the product function is where you find the most restrictive setting. As soon as a PO receipt is processed for a supplier that has their… Read More »