Customer Return flow in Sage 500

By | December 1, 2016

In Sage 500 ERP, Multiple returns policies are easily managed. You can determine whether return material authorizations (RMAs) are required or not. Customers can return items from multiple orders on one RMA, even if you shipped them from different warehouses, it can save your customers as well as data entry user’s time.

New Stuff: – Visual Process Flow for Sage 500 ERP

The process flow for Customer Return in Sage 500 ERP is:-

  • Enter RMA
  • Enter Customer Returns
  • Process AR-Invoice with providing Credit notes to customer’s

Below is the process flow design of Customer Return.

SO Customer return

The Sage 500 ERP Sales Order module features a formalized Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process to help you simplify returns and issue credit, replacement or repair.

For understanding of flow in sage 500 ERP system; we take SO( 0000000325 ) for customer BlackWel, who returns the item as he is not satisfied with the product.
We create a RMA against the SO by selecting SO line and enter the details and reason for return of goods.

Enter RMAs

Then step ahead for Customer Returns, we will verify the qty. of goods that are returned and select the Bin (VernonBinA) for product  in Inventory  Distribution using ‘Detail’ option.

Enter Customer return screen

Now we commit and post Customer return as per date, it was generated for product and Process AR invoice of generated CM (Credit Memo) for customer return on related SO.
Navigate to ‘Account Receivables’ à ‘Activities’ à ‘Process Invoice’ , select the shipment (or SO) for which return is applied, you observe the CM is generated already for SO. (CM get generated for customer return after we post SO in ERP system).

Process Invoice

Move transaction into batch

After selecting the CM we post the invoice.

Process Invoice

This is how the flow for customer return carried in Sage 500 ERP, with Implementation of smart return policies.

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