Item Types in Inventory Management in Sage 500

By | February 24, 2017

There are the lots of things people do not have awareness of the Inventory Management system in Sage 500 Erp. Working with Sage 500 on the inventory module which is very easiest things to handle your whole organization inventory management system like Maintain Stock, Maintain types of Items, Assign realization GL accounts, Maintain Valuation Methods, Maintain Price with multiple conditions.

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Basically, the inventory management system must be essential for maintaining the balances of inventory control usually divide between the independent and dependent demand for inventories which is directly linked to the Item types.

In mid-size ERP, the finish goods items which are ordered by the final customer are called independent demand items. The independent demand which means there is no any dependency and these items independently grow their market demand based on the customer order.

The dependent category items always are dependent on another item i.e. raw materials items.  In Sage 500 Inventory management system, a user will maintain the item type through which user will maintain the item category level.

Maintain Item screen

Assembled Kit: this item types basically used for those items which made up by one or more components that are assembled before sold to the final customer. The assembled kit can have an associated lot/serial number.

BTO Kit: this is the build-to-order item type that used for those items which are assembled after receiving an order. These kinds of items cannot be the component of another build –to order a kit or assumed kit items.

Comment Only: This item types used for maintaining instruction that appears at the time of transaction level in order print into the forms.

Expenses Items:   This is the expenses items that used only for purchased and used by the company. This item comes under the Account Payable and Purchase order module.

Finished Good:  the finish goods item type is used for those items which are fully completed the manufacturing process and ready for sale to the final customer.

Misc Item:  This kind of items can be purchased, sold but items stock quantity cannot be tracked into the inventory system.

Raw Material:  This types of items used in the manufacturing process and used to make another item it can be Kit or Finish well.

Service Items: This type of items basically used for providing service which is not stock items but it can be sold and generate the revenue which is used into the account receivable and the sales order module.

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