Create Mass Opportunities using Groups

By | May 8, 2009

Using Groups functionality in CRM you can create, modify and save lists of people, companies, leads, opportunities and cases.

Few words regarding Groups:

1. Groups are generated based on views and can be used similar to standard CRM reports.

2. Groups can be created for all the primary entities in CRM.

3. In the Group context you can perform actions like New Document, New Task, New Email, Export to File for any particular group. Also, there is the functionality provided to select particular records for performing any action and SQL option to write Sql select queries for filtering records in Group.

Now,you may be thinking; why so much description about Groups? Well, the reason is we have utilized groups feature for creating an Out of Box functionality named “Create Mass Opportunities using Groups”. Using this functionality you may be able to Mass Create Opportunities against any group. For Example: you can create opportunties against all the people belonging to particular group at single click.

After installing this component the action button named “Create Mass Opportunities” will appear in the Actions pane against particular Group of your choice (Refer the Screen shot below).

Well, this functionality is fairly customizable in two ways.

You can either have the standard Create Opportunity functionality on clicking the above button where you can see the opportunity entry screen and you can enter the details for the same.

Otherwise, you may have the functionality like “Quickly Creating Opportunities” where you may pass on the Hard Coded values for the opportunity details and create opportunities in no time.

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