Upload photos from new person screen directly

By | June 15, 2011
Maintaining photo identity is the need of banking and wealth management sectors nowadays that need to manage their client’s profiles through CRM.
You must have read on Jeff’s blog site how you can display person photo on Summary screen, but there the upload is done from documents tab and that too with different document type. What I always consider is that the data entry users must be able to fill all the data for client from new entry screen itself. They must not navigate to other areas of CRM just for the sec of uploading the photo. Hence I came up with my own solution to upload the photo from new person entry screen. Below is the screenshot of how does it look like.

The additional feature to the functionality is that you can also change the photograph for the person by just going to person summary and click on change button. There you will find the upload box to change the existing photo for the person.

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