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Setting Time Zone before migrating data to Sage CRM using GUMU Migration Utility

Time zone setting is a very essential part in CRM Migration process, as a result it is recommended to be taken care in pre-requisite well in advance. Whenever, any new records is added though CRM frontend or backend; it takes machine time zone irrespective to the Source Companies time zone. There is no screen available… Read More »

Migrate Contact Person to Sage CRM using GUMU

In our previous blog, we discussed about Migrate your Documents to Sage CRM using GUMU now let’s see “How Persons are migrated to Sage CRM” during the GUMU™ Migration process. GUMU™ migrates contacts from Sage ACT!, Goldmine, Maximizer, Salesforce.com, Custom DB’s as persons in Sage CRM for the corresponding company. Primary Contact migration from ACT!… Read More »