Apply Multiple Cash Receipts for a single Invoice

By | September 1, 2009

In standard MAS 500, Cash receipts are applied to an invoice from the Process Invoices task where user creates an Invoice for a customer then on this screen user can apply the open & unapplied Cash Receipt for the same customer against that Invoice. After applying the CR the Invoice balance is reduced by the CR amount. For applying the CR against an Invoice user can select only one CR at a time i.e. only one CR can be applied to an Invoice.

What if certain user wishes to apply multiple CR’s to a single Invoice? We at Greytrix, have a component where user has the options of selecting and applying multiple CR’s to a single Invoice. Please refer the below screenshot.

In the Process Invoice task when user clicks on the ‘Appls….’ button then a screen pop up’s displaying the open unapplied Cash Receipt for that customer. On the Unapplied Payments and Memos screen user can select multiple CR’s for a single Invoice. After selecting & applying multiple CR’s to an Invoice the Invoice Balance is reduced by the total of the applied CR’s. If the Invoice total is greater than the total of selected CR’s then the amount applied will be total of CR’s. If the total of selected CR’s is greater then Invoice total then the amount applied will the invoice amount.

The multiple CR’s will be applied in the ascending order of the CR amount. Once the CR’s are applied the customer balance will be updated accordingly.

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