Manage Vendors within your Sage CRM in Sage 100 ERP Integrated systems

By | September 19, 2015

1CRM is not just about B2C these days. It also involves a lot of B2B activities so why should your CRM be restricted to just customers. Our GUMUTM Sage CRM solutions are built on a very flexible model so any enhancements, third party integrations can be done to it easily by us without much hassle and at a reasonable cost.

We are glad to announce this new feature in our GUMUTMSage 100 integration with Sage CRM. We will gradually be adding this feature to Sage 500, Sage X3 depending on your feedback.

A quick walk through on the features of our Sage 100 Vendor integration

It doesn’t end here. We have recently added quite a few new features in our GUMUTM Sage 100 integration adding value to your business.

* Avatax  Integration – You can’t take a chance with Taxes. Now you can calculate Sales Tax from within your Sage CRM before promoting order or invoice to Sage 100 ERP.

* Mapping Map single Sage CRM User with multiple Sage 100 Salespersons

* Quick Line entry – Accelerate your Line Item Entry process using GUMUTM Integration

* GUMUTM Dashboard – Need to analyse your ERP data or show an impressive chart with real-time Sage 100 data on your next presentation, find it all in the GUMUTM Dashboard.

Thanks for your continuous feedback and making GUMUTM as a preferred solution for integrating your Sage ERP with Sage CRM.