Sales Order (SO) Flow in Sage 500 ERP

By | January 28, 2017

In Sage 500 ERP, Sales Order module leverages flexibility of pricing models from inventory, which can be based on customer class, location, discounts, and more. Each line item can have its own ship-to address, salesperson, tax rate, ship date, ship-from location, and drop-ship designations.
Sales Order can be shipped partially or completely, depending on availability of inventories.

New StuffPurchase Order (PO) Flow in Sage 500 ERP

The Modular Flow for Sales Order in Sage 500 ERP is:

  • Enter Quotation
  • Enter Sales Order (SO)
  • Process Sales Order
  • Process Invoice


  • Enter Quotation
  • Enter Sales Order (SO)
  • Create Pick list
  • Generate Shipment
  • Process AR Invoice.

Below is the process flow design of SO.

Sales Order Process Flow

Here we see an example to create a sales order and process it in Sage 500 ERP; the flow goes with quote or sales order, we can create sales order directly or generate it from sales quote.

Let create a Sales quote, navigate to ‘Sales Order’ -> ‘Activities’ -> ‘Enter Sales order or quotes’

Enter Sales Order

Enter the required details in quote customer, item, ship to, delivery mode, warehouse etc.

Sales Order Sage 500

Click on ‘Generate SO’ button to generate the SO from quote. Here we see the number of quote and order remains same.

After creating sales order we can directly process the order shipment and post it for invoice or create pick list to pick the item from warehouse, were N numbers of pick list can be created against one SO in terms of partial shipment.

Here we create a pick list for creates SO, navigate to ‘Sales Order’->’Activities’-> ‘Picking’->’Create Pick List’. Select the order for which list to be created -> then confirm the pick list.

Create Pick List Sage 500

Now we Create Shipment for pick list, in shipment we perform creating BOL, pack list, generating invoice, applying payment and so on.

Edit Shipment Sage 500 erp

After committing shipment we post it in system to generate invoice for SO. We process invoice by selecting the shipment or sales order.

Process Invoice

Screen to move transaction in to batch

This is how the flow for sales order works with ease in Sage 500 ERP, it meet every points and document required an inflow of sales order.

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