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Salesforce Tips – Dynamically Pass Parameters to Run Reports

This blog will guide a user on how to pass parameters a run-time on Report and invoke the report through custom link or custom button. Dynamic reports let users analyse the data for particular records whose parameters have been passed through URL. For e.g.: Let’s consider a scenario where, user have a report that displays… Read More »

Creating Webservices using sites in Salesforce and access as REST API

The Salesforce REST API lets you integrate Salesforce applications using standard HTTP methods. This can then be used to integrate Salesforce with Sage ERP. With help of Apex REST, we can expose the data from Salesforce orgs and we can also fetch data from other systems which hits the particular webservice(URL).Since we are exposing… Read More »

Salesforce Platform Events – What are they & how to use

While there are tons of documentation highlighting about platform events and their use cases there are even trailhead modules, recently we came up with the question that how should someone be able to tell a Salesforce rookie what a platform event is? Yes, it’s a platform-based notification system which can help orchestrate a proper integration… Read More »

DocuSign Integration with Salesforce using DocuSign API’s-Part 2

In our previous part, we discussed how to send the PDF document from Salesforce to DocuSign. Now, in this part, we will walk you through how to sign the document and send it back to Salesforce. So, follow the below mentioned steps- 1. Log in to DocuSign 2. Click on your portrait (icon) in the… Read More »

DocuSign Integration with Salesforce using DocuSign API’s-Part 1

Docusign is a digital signature provider for your documents, quotations and various other papers which are digitally generated and maintained and signing each of them manually would quite be a hectic task. While it has been around for years, DocuSign has provided its own API for integrating your Salesforce org with your DocuSign Account. So… Read More »

Implementing RSS feeds on your Home Page using Visualforce page

Salesforce allows its users the ability to modify their Standard Home page by using various components such as links, images, HTML area and Visualforce area; the latter being a Visualforce area component to display your Visualforce page. It has also abandoned a few features of its own to implement something better the best example of… Read More »

Using ‘action’ attribute at VF Page tag

Today in this blog we will discuss the ‘action’ attribute for Visual Page tag. Sometimes there might be a scenario where the Visualforce page needs to be rendered based on some calculation or condition for e.g. Display Product Inquiry screen if it is a new customer or displays recent Product revisions to existing customers. Salesforce… Read More »