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Creating Global Picklist Value Set in Salesforce

Salesforce provides a way to create a custom Picklist on any Object or modify any existing Picklist values. But such type of Picklist is limited for that particular object and no other objects. Salesforce provides a flexibility to use “Global Picklist” value sets to share values across objects and custom Picklist fields and to restrict… Read More »

Expand and Collapse panel using Lightning Component

As mentioned in our previous blogs, we have already seen how to use Lightning Components in our Visualforce pages and we have also seen how to implement the look and feel of Lightning in our Visualforce pages using SLDS system. As it stands it does seem like one-way traffic as we are only implementing Lightning… Read More »

Creating a VisualForce Page with the help of Lightning Design System

While we have already discovered how to use the Lightning components in our VisualForce pages there are other ways available to developers to have the same look and feel of a Lightning design system in a VisualForce page without the use of any Lightning components. The Lightning design system provides a material design approach to… Read More »