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GUMU for
MediusGo Integration

Gone are the days when accounts payable (AP) was a tussle and needed human intervention. As technology is advancing at a great pace, the manual accounts payable process is also shifting towards automation.

MediusGo is one such user-friendly solution facilitating automated accounts payable system in the SME market for invoice receipt, audit, and seamless workflow. To stay competitive in the market while cutting down on various costs and ensuring top security, businesses are investing in cloud-based systems. And MediusGo is a cloud tool that is known to digitize and automate the handling of supplier invoices.

Being a highly rated accounts payable system, MediusGo helps businesses ensure faster and sleeker processes. With MediusGo into operation, a business can handle multiple invoices concomitantly. Whereas the suppliers are given the absolute freedom to take charge at the control level for approval.

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