Round the currency field value to 3 decimal places

By | May 30, 2009

Some time ago I came across the question on the Sage Accpac forum where the requirement was to display the currency field to 3 decimal places.

Well, as far as the default feature provided by sage CRM is concerned, it is quite a simple task where you can just go to User Preferences and change the value of Decimal Places field to 3 under Number Preferences section. But, after doing this setting all the currency fields will show the value up to three decimal places and here is what the twist is.

The requirement was to display only single field up to 3 decimal places. So, in this case setting the default value of Decimal Places under User Preferences will not help. Then, how we can carry out this operation??

What you can do is you can write a function on OnChangeScript of this currency field which will collect the value and round it off to three decimal places using Math.round an Math.pow functions. Assign this value to the field to save the same. Again you can write a script in Custom Content to set the value to display with three decimal places using an Onload event.

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