Update all entity Records in SageCRM with New Territory and New Team for User

By | May 28, 2009

Suppose you have a User working in Territory1 and since he is working with the organization for long time, he has lots of data of his concern in SageCRM.

Now, suppose due to some reason this user gets transferred to another Territory say Territory2.

Here what Administrator will do is, he will change his territory to Territory2 from User Details Screen, but the entire dataset which belonging to that user so far will remain in the previous Territory only (i.e. Territory1). There is no option in SageCRM to update the territory, team of data in SageCRM as per the changed territory of assigned user. Logically entire dataset is out of scope of SageCRM.

What if you want all the important datset to remain with the user even if we transfer him from one territory to another. We have written the stored procedure that does the same. This stored procedure can be ran by System Administrator in SQL which updates all the dataset belonging to the above mentioned user with reference to new territoy.

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