Directly Log In to Case Summary Screen for a particular case in Self Service

By | August 4, 2009

In CRM, URL of a Case’s Summary Screen will look something like given below.


If you will paste this URL into browser and then hit the Enter Keyword, CRM login screen appears. After entering the User Name and Password, when you click on the Log On button, it will redirect you to Case Summary Screen directly. In this URL Key1, Key2 and Key 8 are Company Id, Person Id and Case Id respectively.

Similarly, in Self Service Support Site we can also directly log in to Case Summary Screen.

The URL will look something like given below.


Here the functionality that is explained above is not handled automatically. If we will click on the link above it will directly redirect you to Case Detail Screen without authentication and display Case Summary Screen with no data.

You can do some changes in this page and also in the Case Detail page to have the above mentioned functionality in Self Service also. You can do the changes in such way that when you click on above link it will first ask you for an authentication and then redirect you to that particular case.

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