Set the Title for Screens Added into the Standard CRM Block

By | August 12, 2009

As we all know we can create a screen in CRM and can easily made available it in the CRM by using adding it to custom pages.

Consider you have created a screen in the CRM and have prepared a custom ASP page to display that screen in the CRM. In order to customize the screen added through ASP page, we get that screen as a block and we can set title and other things using properties of it like:

var blk_TestScreen = eWare.GetBlock(“PersonBoxLong”);

blk_TestScreen.Title=”Person Summary“;

Now come to the point, suppose using standard CRM block functionality:

  1. You have created one block (say TestPersonBlock) for Person as Administration à Customization à Person à Blocks.
  2. Then you have added a screen PersonBoxLong to this block including different lists and screens.
  3. Now you would like to call this block i.e. TestPersonBlock in the ASP page with the proper heading on the screens belongs to the same.
  4. To do this what you need to do is: fetch the screen from the block and accordingly set its title like:

var blk_MainBlock = eWare.GetBlock(“TestPersonBlock “);

var blk_FirstSubBlock = blk_MainBlock.GetBlock(“PersonBoxLong”);

blk_FirstSubBlock.Title = “Person Summary;

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