Case Ref Id Auto Generated

By | September 2, 2009

As we all know about the Case reference ID, it gets generated depends upon the current logged in user and some predefined number range.

Currently it gets generated according to the SageCRM standards defined already but what to do if we want to generate a case reference according to the business standards?

Suppose for Greytrix we want to generate a case reference ID as GT-1-000001, is this doable?

Yes, it is surely doable and we can generate Case reference ID according to our standards.
For all the auto incrementing numbers in SageCRM we are having a Stored Procedure with the CRM database called eware_default_values if we see this Stored Procedure we can easily identify the script written for Case Reference ID, by changing the format here we can modify the format of Case Reference ID.

Further if we want to change the counter for case reference ID then we need to go and change the next number in Custom_SysParams. In this table we need to change the next number for Case reference ID and once done with all this you can see that case reference ID is getting generated according to your business standard and not according to SageCRM standards.

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