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Incorporate Case filter screen in Self Service portal

Sage CRM Portal has improved User experience by extending Customer’s access to the data inputted by them as well as updated by the vendor. A fully responsive version of Self Service portal has provided Menu options to log and search the Ticket details. But, have you ever thought of accommodating certain changes to ease the… Read More »

Set Default Status Value for Communications and Cases

Recently while upgrading the SageCRM to 7.0 I found that under communications and cases the default values are set to “Pending” in CommunicationFilterBox as well as CaseFilterBox. In CRM 6.2 version, Status field of FilterBoxes has always “—All–” value selected by default. However, the field holds last filtered value after navigation from some other tabs.… Read More »

Identity increment in CRM tables

Primary keys in SQL tables allow us to uniquely identify the rows. These keys also allow us to establish the relationship between tables based on foreign key-primary key concept. Though we can have different id field names in CRM tables, the standard primary key feature is well maintained with field names like “_” (e.g. Case_CaseId).… Read More »

Data Import Routines

Though CRM systems are capable of maintaining and managing Business related data thoroughly over the web, most of the business structures still won’t allow the data entries to be done in actual working environment. For such prospects, even if Sage CRM holds the greater importance from business perspective, the web architecture of CRM can’t be… Read More »

Generating Case Reference Number without User Id

In our previous posthttp://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=6264840572654717689&postID=1152421825773155870 we discussed how case reference number gets generated for every case that is created in the CRM. In the earlier post we discussed how we can change the format of the case reference number. But it is still a combination of current user login id and the custom part, something like… Read More »

Case Ref Id Auto Generated

As we all know about the Case reference ID, it gets generated depends upon the current logged in user and some predefined number range. Currently it gets generated according to the SageCRM standards defined already but what to do if we want to generate a case reference according to the business standards? Suppose for Greytrix… Read More »