Change the standard dedupe behavior

By | May 5, 2010

Dedupe process is the matching logic which is one of the very essential components of CRM system nowadays. This is required in order to avoid duplicate data entries in the system. Standard Sage CRM install has also incorporated this feature for entities like Company and Person which hold prime importance in CRM.

How to configure dedupe behavior in Sage CRM?

Now as explained above dedupe is nothing but the matching logic. To implement the logic in sage CRM, we need to define Match-Rules from Administration –>Data Management –>Match Rules. Select an entity and then add the fields to be used for matching logic for example: Person. These are the fields that are added to PersonDedupeList under Administration–>Customization–>Person–>Lists.
When we add the fields to match rule, it forms the where clause to retrieve the matching records from database. Let’s consider person entity for an example and suppose we have added two fields under Match-Rules like Pers_FirstName and Pers_LastName. The where clause will be formed like below.

“Pers_FirstName=’ABC’ and Pers_LastName=’XYZ’”

Why this post?

You can see in the where clause formed above the two fields are intersected that means if the match rule is set on fields for exact matching, then the above where clause will retrieve the records having person first name equal to ‘ABC’ AND person last name equal to ‘XYZ’ i.e. it puts the AND condition in clause.

Now, I came across the business logic where Person entity forms the core part and the matching is to be done based on phone number and email address. My logic has to be designed in such a way that, I am not matching both the fields i.e. phone number and email address together using and condition. Instead I want to use them conditionally using OR clause so that I can retrieve the person data matching with only phone number or email address and also both of them together. In short I want my where clause to be formed like one given below using OR condition.

“Pers_emailaddress=’’ OR Pers_phonefullnumber=’1234 1546 5467’”

Can this be achieved in CRM?

The answer is loud YES. Though you cannot achieve this through the standard behavior, we have created and an out of box component which is capable of changing the person entity dedupe behavior as per our requirement. With few changes to the mod we can even use it for company entity also. We can also design the Custom dedupe behavior for our Custom entities which will be based on same logic.

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