Web form to Sage CRM integration

By | May 8, 2010

As the world is growing fast and the life is running rapidly, we the human beings need to be always on the wheels to run even faster. Same phenomenon also applies in several businesses nowadays where we want every single thing to be automated in order to avoid the human interference and hence the chance of errors. Even if the user training is an integral part of the Sage CRM usage, we won’t be always 100% sure that the data entered is going to accurate and pure in any case. Hence to avoid these unwanted human errors, we need to have an automated data entry system which is intelligent enough to work on its own. After all, the best business minds always aim at accurate data entry with less cost, time and human power :-).

Now question is; how do we achieve this in sage CRM? Well, the phenomenon is already densely implemented in the self service website that comes with the standard sage CRM installation. Sage CRM is capable of handling the rest when you pass the data correctly invoking the correct methods of eware dll to it.

Basically, here the main logic is to login to CRM externally, do your work and log off again. Now there can be several methods to perform these activities. In any scenario we can inherit the methods of eware dll to login externally and perform our work. This phenomenon makes sage CRM capable integrating with any data entry application on the fly. We are talking about the web forms, that doesn’t mean only web forms can be integrated with sage CRM, we can also develop win forms and executables that being on the server can connect to CRM and perform several actions. Basically, this method is used when bulk data is to be handled at one time for example: sending emails to all the clients, generating letters through word mail merge for hard copy mailing etc. We at Greytrix have designed several such out of box executables including Import –Export wizards, Bulk SMS sending, BULK email sending, mail merge modules etc.

Using the web form integration you can provide a way for login on your web page and using the same details you can authenticate sage CRM. After login the data collected from web form can be directly entered to sage CRM using the session methodology and web services. This is a strong concept that can be implemented to well handle the case management in any organization where thousands of queries are posted by clients every day and entering them manually in CRM is quite a cumbersome task. How does it sound that client is signing up at your portal for some services and an entry is automatically created for the same in sage CRM at the same time whenever that client changes his/her details they are automatically getting updated in CRM?

Some days ago we came across the business scenario for one of our clients where all the agents were required to be always on the field to collect the data. The data entry is like, thousands of clients a day and essential enough to grow the business day by day. The data needed to be quickly entered in CRM so as to achieve faster service and immediate support to client. In this case a wrong data entry was not at all affordable. The method being used for the same was first collecting the data and then at the end of the day entering the same to CRM manually. Now this leads to unwanted extra task and indirectly delays in providing service to the client. So to overcome this, we designed an automated data entry system for the same wherein we integrated web interface with sage CRM for direct data entry. Using this system the agents on the field can use laptops or even the GPRS enabled handheld devices in order to login to website and enter the data directly to CRM. As soon as the data is entered in CRM it can soon be validated and service can be quickly invoked for that client with 24 hour call center support. Isn’t it interesting? I will be discussing more about this phenomenon in my upcoming blogs.

For any doubts/queries or enquiries regarding the customization requirements based on above concept, Please drop us an email at crm@greytrix.com.