Change text field to multiline text in sage CRM

By | June 23, 2010

Sometimes we come across the situation where we may need to convert the text field to MultilineText. The ideal scenario will be; suppose we are taking a small description for opportunity in some field and now the logic is changed so that we are entering the detailed description for the same. So the normal text field here may not be that useful for us. Now we want the field to take more data without affecting the logic that we have already written. Only option that we can follow is to convert the same text field to that of Multiline text.

Comparing the Text and multiple text fields in database, the differences in values can be updated using below steps in order to convert the text field to Multiline text field.

1. Query – Change the column properties in CRM to make it multiselect field.

Update custom_edits
set colp_entrytype = 11, colp_defaulttype = null,
colp_entrysize = 40, colp_ssviewfield=null,
colp_tiedfields=null, colp_datatype=null,
colp_datasize=null, colp_updateddate=getdate()
where colp_colname = ‘

2. Query – Alter column in table to fit the multiline text field.

Alter table #Entity name e.g. company# alter column #field name e.g. comp_name# ntext

3. Login to CRM and do Metadata refresh.

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