“Popping” out of the Box

By | July 17, 2010

As you know that in the standard grid we can set the hyper link or the “custom jump” to redirect the user to another page. But the standard functionality does not allow us to have the good old pop up window. With a small script (and years of experience) we could tweak the functionality of standard grid to allow pop ups.

Here is how you do it.

1) First take any entity grid and add one or more column in grid(As per the requirement) for one column you have to apply link for that please select “Custom Jump” option in link drop down list “Hyperlink to” and enter Path of page in “Custom File’ field and require parameter for page in “Custom ID Field” field. after that create an .asp page and display page in system

2) In .asp page need to add JavaScript to apply open window after click on link .that function you need to call on page load.

3) Script For above scenario is below

Script for pop up window.

Note: Please click on image to enlarge

For queries regarding the functionality and cost of this component, please feel free to drop us an email at crm@greytrix.com.