Trick in Custom entity Workflow through Custom Pages

By | July 9, 2010

Creating an entity in Sage CRM is no more a headache using standard Sage CRM custom entity wizards. These wizards are capable enough to generate all the entity pages along-with the workflow for the same.

Now suppose we have created an entity through custom entity wizard, but you are not using the pages and standard structure generated by wizard, whereas you just need a table structure for your use. In this case we may even change the entity summary screen to some other screen. As soon as we do this we can no more see workflow action buttons on right hand side to progress the workflow.

At any point of time if we wish to show workflow buttons on page with summary screen we need to update some entries in database. Please see below.


Entity Name = “Bill”
ScreenName = “BillBoxShort”
Progress Table = “BillProgress”

Update queries for synching workflow

update custom_tables set bord_viewaction = ‘BillBoxShort’ where bord_name in (‘bill’,’billprogress’)
update custom_tables set bord_progresstablename = ‘BillProgress’ where bord_name = ‘Bill’

After updating above values in database we also need to ensure that the container is executed with record set and not with ArgObj on screen.

i.e. If RecordSet is BillRecordset

Wrong way :
SummaryScreen.ArgObj = BillRecordset;

Right way :
where SummaryScreen is the content box in Container blkcontainer.

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