Remove Entry from Saved Search dropdown

By | October 6, 2010
SageCRM provides the functionality of providing search criteria in reports and if you tend to use a certain criteria regularly then you can even save those criteria. In this way you can save the multiple criteria for a single report. So the next time the report needs to be run, you can just choose the saved criteria and view the report without having to set the criteria all over again.
Now it is quite possible that once of the search criteria that you must have specified may not be valid now and you no longer need it in your report saved search dropdown. How do you remove it? From the application level, SageCRM does not allow you to do it. So, if the car engine cannot be started from the driver seat, we will have to open the “bonnet” and do it the hard way J. In this case the SQL database.
If a Save Search criterion by the name “Opportunities – Open” needs to be deleted then here is what needs to be done.
delete from Custom_ReportSearches where rese_searchname=’ Opportunities – Open ‘
That’s it. The saved search criteria would be removed from the list.

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