Sending Emails to multiple Persons

By | October 14, 2010

In my previous post I had explained how to add multiple email addresses in the “To” field by checking the checkboxes in custom grid ( This involved a relatively more customizations by creating a tab etc. We have now come up with a component which follows a refined method which will enable you to add an email address from any of the person records available in SageCRM.

We have created a new Button in the email screen called “Include Contacts”

On click of the button we will provide the user with a pop up screen which will have a search screen and a grid. The search screen will contain person first name, person last name and person business email address. The user can enter the search criteria and click on find and the corresponding records will be displayed in the grid below.

The user can select the contacts required and the click on the Select Contacts button to close the pop up screen. The email “To” addresses will have the selected contacts.

Most importantly the email communication will be linked to the corresponding persons in SageCRM once the mail is sent.

For queries regarding the functionality and cost of this component, please feel free to drop us an email at