Disallow sending emails using outlook

By | October 23, 2013

Hi guys, I had discussed a method to remove the Send E-mail button from the email screen through my below post
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With this post I will explain the other way around I.e. how you can get rid of Send using Outlook button and this is fairly simple.
Here is an email screen with both the buttons.Image1
 If you select Send E-mail option, then Email will be sent to customer right through CRM. If you go with the Send Using Outlook, Outlook New Email window gets opened on to edit and send that E-mail.   
 To remove Send using Outlook button you can follow below steps.
 1. Login into CRM.
 2. Go to Administration | Email And Documents | Email Configuration.
 3. Click on Change button.
 4. Select “No” option from Allow send using Outlook: selection field
 5. Click on Save button


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