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Listing multi-select field data in a vertical format

Need to Know the “Best Practices for Integrating Third Party Apps with Sage ERP X3″ – Read Below. Data in a list format is easily readable and also more organized and presentable. Data for e.g. staff working on a particular project, or different products used by a particular customer have more than one item to… Read More »

Creating User Multi Selects

Currently this facility of Multiple User Select field is available for Communication Table only. It does not work for other tables because the User multi select writes into a field of data type ‘Int’ and as an ‘Int’ field it could not store multiple values in same field and needs a link table to store… Read More »

Dynamic selection for the Multi Selection fields.

Currently, there is no functionality available which allows user to fill one multi select field based upon the another multi select field dynamically. Solution:We have a tool which does the same. Suppose there are two multi select fields named Category (i.e. pers_category) and Sub Category (i.e. pers_subcategory) under the Person Entity. The Selection options for… Read More »