Exclude Bins from processing

By | October 7, 2009

In industries such as manufacturing, chemical plant & processing units an item may be required to undergo Inspection, testing, approval ,etc. before that item is actually available for processing. To implement this type of functionality in a standard MAS 500 system, user has to utilize Warehouse Bins combination to track the Inventory. In this user can exclude the item quantities included in certain bins from being available for stock calculation.

To incorporate this functionality, user needs to set up separate warehouse bins for each transaction status for the items concerned such as separate bins for items under inspection, testing, approval, etc. Then “Exclude from Available” option should be checked for the bins assigned to the transaction status which are to be excluded from processing. With this option checked user can receive the material in these bins through Goods Receipt Entry, Inventory receipts etc. After the receipts entry, stock status report and inquiry screen will display the On-hand quantities but these quantities are not available for further processing (like Sales Order Processing or Production).

Please refer the below screenshot.

Set up bins

After each initial level processing (Inspection, Testing, Approval etc.) user can use the “Bin Transfer” functionality of a standard MAS 500 system to transfer to another Bin so that the bin quantity becomes available for processing.

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