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Disable Extended Item Description Pop-up While Navigating through Items

Extended Description is one of the notable features that Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) ERP has to offer. This feature helps to record additional information/description of the items to describe items in better manner. Though it is a very helpful feature, sometime it is annoying, as it pops-ups the extended description screen while moving/navigating through the… Read More »

Exclude Bins from processing

In industries such as manufacturing, chemical plant & processing units an item may be required to undergo Inspection, testing, approval ,etc. before that item is actually available for processing. To implement this type of functionality in a standard MAS 500 system, user has to utilize Warehouse Bins combination to track the Inventory. In this user… Read More »

Global Item/Inventory Change

Do you want to change Item/Inventory information due to changes in business policies? OR User has setup the wrong values like Buyer, Reorder Method, Product Line, Demand Formula, Lead Time, Sales Account, COSG account etc. In this situation, user has to change require values by selecting each Item and Inventory. BUT if there is huge… Read More »