Data Integrity and Optimization tools in Sage 100 ERP

By | January 11, 2013

Here in this blog, we are going to look at one more feature of Sage 100 ERP (formerly known as Sage MAS 90/200 ERP) which helps in maintaining data accurately and optimized the same. We can use this feature to rebuild the primary module files. Since it updates keys of various master files, any in-correct use of it may create more data corruption issues. Hence, it is advised that this feature should be used only under direction of an expert.

Before we dig more into it, let us look at some below situation that can cause the data/performance issue:

  • Power failure.
  • Improper shutdowns, such as caused by power outages or performing a hard restart: pressing and holding the power button, the restart button.
  • Hardware problems or failures, including hard drive failures, bad sectors, bad RAM, etc.

Though Sage 100 ERP is a very robust system, at times, due to above unknown reasons data in the system gets corrupted. We can handle the data corruption issues by using Sage 100 ERP System’s inbuilt data correction features.

Integrity Check:

  1. In this process it scans the selected list of files for the data in-consistencies.
  2. During this whole process, it performs a complete validation of each record, verifies the data dictionaries, and checks for read/write capability.
  3. When the process completes, a text file is launched in Notepad providing information about the integrity check.
  4. In case of errors, a message box appears each time to rebuild the file. All the empty required field found during the entire process are documented so that users can manually repair the file.

Optimize file:

  1. As name suggests, it helps in speeding-up the Sage 100 look-up / update/ retrieval/ traversing processes.
    In this, all the data is re-written into a new file. It also removes un-necessary excess empty data blocks, and arranges the primary keys in alpha-numeric order.
    A text file is launched in Notepad providing information about the file optimization.

Note: This feature is not provided in Sage MAS 200 ERP SQL versions.

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