Clear Admin level passwords in Sage 500 ERP

By | June 18, 2013

Many a times, we do not remember Admin level passwords set to access Sage 500 (formerly Sage MAS 500 ERP) database. It causes a significant delay in accessing and working on the system especially in critical situation.
In this blog, we will discuss the way to tackle such situation and continue with an easy access the system. To Login to Sage 500 database, when you are unaware of the password set, follow below mentioned steps;
1. Run Database Synchronization utility program from the utilities, by default it path would be Start >>All Programs >>Sage Software >>Sage ERP 500 >>Utilities >>Database Synchronization Utility.
2. Select SQL Server name, where Sage 500 database is stored; then enter the SQL login credentials and click on Proceed.
3. Once you proceed with proper credentials the below form will appear.
a. Then, select the desired application database of Sage 500 and select the first option of the synchronize logins.
b. Select the option ‘Check database Reference as shown above screenshot and click on Proceed.
This will clear all the Admin level users passwords which had been set for Sage 500 database resulting in successfully accessing the database and companies.