Credit and Rebill functionality on Posted invoice in Sage 500

By | September 12, 2017

Unfortunately, many times during the month, no. of Sales orders are getting shipped and sometimes the invoice containing the wrong pricing in Sage 500.

In that circumstances, User needs a utility where they can enter the sales order that was billed incorrectly so that sales order will be retrieved and the user can enter the new pricing.  Upon accepting/saving the changes a new invoice will be generated and issued to the customer.

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In regards to issuing the invoice, we are assuming that the invoice will reside in AR until a new batch is created and the invoice is posted to Accounts Receivable.

Please note the following scenario as an example for the process and the posting to the general ledger

Example.  Oliver enters sales order number 4954 for items: Cables for $72.95. After the order is shipped and posted the invoice no. 0000001132, the customer calls Oliver and tells him they were supposed to get a 20% discount on the frame. Oliver thinks about how we can rebuild the old invoice to new invoice with 20% discount.

To handle this situation, Greytrix has developed a Credit and Re-bill functionality on the AR invoice screen through which Sage 500 users will be able to generate the Credit memo on the old invoice and will re-bill the new invoice with new changes.

Here’s the below screenshot of the same.

Enter Invoice

Posted Invoice lookup:  There will be a button that allows the user to select a prior invoice that was issued.  Once User selected the Posted invoice number then a CREDIT MEMO will be issued for the old invoice and the new invoice will be ISSUED.  The CREDIT MEMO and the newly issued INVOICE will contain a prefix in the invoices number REB= and then the number of the invoice. A screen similar to above will pop up and the user can make changes to the payment terms or the unit price.

Sage 500 user will then select the utility Greytrix has written and entered the Posted invoice no 0000001132.

Once user selected the posted invoice no. 000001132 the Credit and rebill functionality will generate the Credit memo for old invoice and the new invoice will be issued.

A user will be able to enter the correct pricing in the detail line.  This invoice will then be sitting in pending status until another user in accounting selects the invoices for posting at the end of the day.

For general ledger posting purposes, the following will occur by using Credit and rebill functionality.

1. Credit Memo on the Old Invoice.

  • Debit Sales $72.95
  • Credit AR $72.95

2. New Invoice with 20% discount.

  • Debit AR $58.36
  • Credit Sales $58.36.

It would be interesting to know if this kind of functionality is required by others as well.

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