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Create Simple Business Object in Sage 100 ERP

Sage 100 is a robust system and it provides a stable way of enhancing its capabilities through its SDK (Software Development Kit). While doing customization or enhancements, we need to create a (enhancement) class to incorporate the specific business logic. With Sage 100 SDK, we can easily create a class file (business, Service, etc.) through… Read More »

Object Does Not Exist Error in Sage 100 ERP

Many a times while doing development in Sage 100 ERP, developers forget to name classes correctly for creating objects. Thus, when system searches for the class (i.e. bus, svc, or UI) file, we get error message saying “the object does not exist.” in the system. Error Message: “The Object “XX_XXXX_bus” does not exist”?  Where XX_XXXXis… Read More »