Object Does Not Exist Error in Sage 100 ERP

By | September 20, 2013

Many a times while doing development in Sage 100 ERP, developers forget to name classes correctly for creating objects. Thus, when system searches for the class (i.e. bus, svc, or UI) file, we get error message saying “the object does not exist.” in the system.

Error Message:
“The Object “XX_XXXX_bus” does not exist”?
 Where XX_XXXXis a Module & file name.

Error Description: As in the above example error says; object does not exist which means Compiler is trying to create an object of a bus file but it’s unable to find and create it.

Reason: Problem must be in the file, where we are creating object of Sales Order business object. For an instance; we need to create an object of Sales Order object say, oSOBusinessin a UI class file;

LET oSOBusiness =NEW(“SO_SalesOrdesr_Bus“,coSession). So, when control goes to execute this statement, it searches for the class “SO_SalesOrdesr_Bus”, but it cannot find the same because here, the object name of UI should have been “SO_SalesOrder_Bus”. Hence pops the error.

Solution: In order to solve this error follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Open XX_XXXX _UI file for the screen in IT editor i.e. SO_SalesOrder_UI.
  2. LET coBusiness=_OBJ’InitBusinesObject(“MAIN”,”SO_SalesOrder_Bus“,$$,0,0,0).
  3. Save the changes. Now run the program by opening Sales Order Entry screen. Complier will be able to create business object of Sales Order & won’t show an error.

Hence, by following above given steps developers would be able create /solve business object related issue.

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