Trailhead – A new way to learn Salesforce

By | February 28, 2015

Salesforce earlier started a new tool on developer community named “Trailhead”. Currently, this is in beta mode and Salesforce is adding more features into it.

What is “Trailhead”?

Trailhead has broken down the Salesforce 1 platform into various sections known as “modules” and these are further divided into units so that one can learn those sections step-wise. Anyone who is new to Salesforce or wants to learn more about Salesforce can use the Trailhead. One can select the module as per his background (developer or administrator). Trailhead is also a great resource for anyone studying to take a Salesforce Certification exam.img1

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Units, Modules and Trails

A unit is a learning objective for a feature of the Salesforce Platform and most units conclude with a challenge.

A module is a series of units for a particular subject area. Once you’ve completed all the units in a module, you will earn a badge that will be displayed on your Salesforce Developers profile.

A trail is a series of Modules.img 2

Currently available modules –

  • Apex Basics & Database
  • Apex Testing
  • Apex Triggers
  • Change Management
  • Process Automation
  • UI Customization
  • Data Management
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Security
  • Lightning Components
  • Formulas & Validations
  • Salesforce1 Mobile Basics
  • Basics
  • Visualforce Basics

Challenges, Points, & Badges

Challenges: – Every unit ends with a challenge that you have to complete in a related Developer Edition (DE). A challenge is an exercise that tests your knowledge of a related unit. When developers accept challenges they have to complete them on a DE and Trailhead assesses the outcome. Developers will need to log into a Developer Edition via Trailhead to assess the challenge.

Points: – After successful completion of a Challenge, developer earns points that get added to their Salesforce Developers profile.img 3

Badges: – Whenever the developer completes all the units from the modules, they automatically get awarded by a badge.

img 4

Share a progress: – Developer can show off their points and badges to the world via Salesforce Developers profile.

How to use trailhead?

  1. Visit
  2. Use Salesforce developer profile to log into Trailhead.
  3. Select the interested module.
  4. Select a step as a unit and study.
  5. Complete the unit by accepting and solving the challenge.
  6. Click on Check Challenge to be assessed by trailhead.
  7. Keep earning more and more points and badges by completing more and more modules.

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