GUMU™ Tricks & Tips – Showing Additional (Related) Sage X3 Data on GUMU™ real-time screen

In this blog, we will discuss on showing additional (related) Sage X3 data from any entity that has a table linked to records from other tables. The information presented here will assist users in configuring the Data Page. For instance, it explains how to access data related to customers from different tables within the Customer… Read More »

GUMU™ Features – Promote Order using the Quote to Order Flow

In this blog, we will discuss how the user can Promote order using the Quote to Order Flow feature in Lightning using GUMU™. Previously, we used GUMU™ Integration’s Sales Order tab to handle Sales Order promotion in Salesforce. However, with this new feature, users can promote the order directly from the Salesforce Standard Orders tab.… Read More »

GUMU™ Salesforce Tricks & Tips – User Controlled PDF Format of Customer Transactions on GUMU™ Real-Time Inquiry from Sage X3

In continuation of our previous blog, we have enhanced the functionality in the latest release of GUMU™ and given the User control and liberty to change the format as per their business needs through User Controlled PDF format. This feature enables Salesforce users to conveniently download Sage Customer Transaction details in the form of a… Read More »

How to Create an Email as a Quick Action in Lightning Web Component

In this blog, we will guide you on creating an Email as a Quick Action in Lightning Web Component. This Quick Action will allow you to open an Email Composer with predefined values. To achieve this, we will be using a Headless Quick Action approach. Upon loading the headless quick action, the user will be… Read More »

How to Use Custom Permission in Salesforce?

In this blog, we are going to discuss “How to Create and use Custom Permission in Salesforce?”. This blog post will cover the process of creating custom permission in Salesforce and also how to apply/Use Custom Permission in Salesforce. The purpose of this is by using this we can give access to a particular user… Read More »

Primary Contact Promotion from Salesforce to Sage 300 Cloud Using Salesforce Lightning Version

This blog post will dive into the topic of Primary Contact promotion from Salesforce to Sage 300 Cloud ERP using GUMU™ Integration within the Salesforce Lightning platform, providing a comprehensive guide for users. In our GUMU™ Integration, we have integrated AR Customer, Contact, and Sales Order along with their related entities. This information synchronizes between… Read More »