How does GUMU™ for Salesforce – Sage Intacct Integration help Non-Profits to drive efficiency & growth?

By | February 22, 2023

Relationships are the backbone of Non-Profit organizations. But unfortunately, it’s harder for Non-Profits to retain their relations with donors & sponsors for a long-time due to low visibility across the institution. Hence, using GUMU™ for Salesforce – Sage Intacct Integration gives you an eagle eye throughout your organization by improving visibility & simplifying processes.

The Advanced CRM Salesforce & industry-leading ERP Sage Intacct always go hand-in-hand. The seamless GUMU™ Integration for Salesforce – Sage Intacct allows Non-Profits to improve communication between sales & accounting teams. This integration is well-crafted to cater to niche Non-Profits needs like grants management, fundraising, donor management, & much more.

Here’s why in the following image:

GUMU™ for Salesforce – Sage Intacct Integration on Salesforce AppExchange. This blog gives you detailed insights about everything you want to know –  What’s GUMU™?,How’s GUMU™ a key player for this integration?, How can this integration assist NPs?

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How is GUMU™ the key driving factor for this integration?

GUMU™ is our in-house integrator with plug-and-play technology that ensures a seamless integration experience across all ERPs, CRMs, & other apps.

So, how GUMU™ impacts on Salesforce-Sage Intacct integration:

  1. The GUMU™ powered Salesforce easy-to-use UI allows Non-Profit volunteers to simplify workflows & build outstanding donor relations.
  2. When you integrate Salesforce – Sage Intacct with GUMU™, Non-Profits organizations can be audit ready & have easy grant management.
  3. Non-Profits having GUMU™ can create detailed financial reporting & future-proof sales forecasts with the help of Salesforce Reports and Dashboards.
  4. Non-Profit Institutions can have improved donor data management & increased data visibility by managing data at your fingertips with GUMU™.
  5. This GUMU™ integration for Non-Profits can retain their existing & new donors /sponsors with better donor management, a 24*7 helpdesk facility, & exceptional welfare services.

Until now, you might have understood why GUMU™ is much needed for Sage Intacct – Salesforce Integration. Let’s have a look at its benefits:

1. Data Management

  • Get any details with quick access to your data anytime, anywhere.
  • Make strategic decision with most-up-to-date data insights.
  • Evaluate real-time spending & compare budget to actual data.

2. Donor Management

  • Meet all your fundraising goals with easy donation management.
  • Have a life-long donor base with a detailed view of each donor.
  • Record, Revise & Retrieve all donor interactions minutely

3. Grant Management

  • Achieve accuracy with minimized grant reporting time.
  • Optimize your grants tracking & grantee records.
  • Grantmaking can be refined & enhanced anytime.

4. Reports & Analysis

  • Invest & Promote events with reduced accounts burden.
  • Generate customizable reports unique to your needs.
  • Manage annual earnings right with easy reporting.

5. Others

  • Have track of expense ratios, average donations, & fundraising costs.
  • Understand better project status, percent complete, & progress.
  • Boost efficiency & volunteer productivity by all entities in check.
  • All departments work in sync with sound collaboration.

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Over to you

The well-vetted GUMU™ for Salesforce Sage Intacct integration offers a single-integrated platform for Non-Profits to fund & drive their mission. This powerful GUMU™ integration unifies accounts, finances, program management, marketing, and grant-making teams by allowing Non-Profits to go above & beyond to drive societal change & impact.

Moreover, the Advanced CRM Salesforce & accounting software Sage Intacct integration assists planning & strategy development by making them agile with changing organizational needs. In short, this Non-Profits feature-rich integration allows Non-Profits institutions to make better use of efficiency & growth to achieve the humanitarian mission.

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