Edit documents with status “Final”

By | January 30, 2009

As far as the document functionality provided by Sage CRM is concerned, normally what we can find is that we can edit only those documents which are marked with status “Draft”, but have you ever thought of editing the documents with status marked as “Final”?

In case of the “Draft” documents, CRM provides “View Attachment” and “Edit Attachment” buttons by default on edit screen; however in case of the “Final” documents we can see only “View Attachment” button that means we can only view these documents and cannot edit them.

Considering the feature of “Draft” documents provided by Sage CRM and some Out of Box thinking, we have designed a tool which makes it possible for “Final” documents also behave in the similar way to that of the “Draft” documents. After installing this utility we can have “Edit Attachment” button for “Final” documents as well using which we will be able to edit them (please refer the screenshot below).

As far as the default functionality of “Draft” documents is concerned, the changes made to the document after editing are appended to an original document only, but using the tool that we have designed to edit the “Final” documents, it is possible to save the document with the changes as new document through which we can maintain all subsequent revisions to the document.