Customize Your Welcome Screen and navigate to the same from any where in the CRM

By | February 9, 2009

Have you ever thought of designing a custom splash screen? Here is how you can do it using some simple steps mentioned below.

Step 1: For Customizing the welcome screen:

If you want to use your own customized screen instead of standard welcome screen then you should rename your screen as “splash.jpg”. To do the same follow below steps:

1. Go to “C:Program FilesSageCRMWWWRootImgLogo”.

2. Rename the original “splash.jpg” image to maintain backup.

3. Now create your own jpg file, in which you can write your contents and change the file name with “splash.jpg”. Then store this file on the above location

Step 2: For providing navigation to the welcome screen through the link:

If you want to return to the Welcome screen after navigating from anywhere within CRM, you need to call a custom ASP page (from where you can redirect to Welcome screen). You can use below line of code in your asp page to redirect to this screen.