Email Screen in Sage CRM 7.2

By | April 26, 2013

In our earlier post, we have discussed about “Notification feature in Sage CRM V7.2”. Here are some of the other changes that I have seen in the Sage CRM 7.2 version.
Until Sage CRM v7.1, email screen used to get open in 3 different formats. i.e,
Split : If this option is selected, email window will be opened in half view mode.
Normal : If this option is selected, email window is opened in full screen view.
Popup : If this option is selected, new pop up email window will be opened.
The settings are defined under preferences, e-mail screen position.

  1. Log into Sage CRM
  2. Navigate to Preferences and
  3. Select Email Screen position.

User Preferences tab before Sage CRM v7.2:

In Sage CRM v7.2, Sage has removed the ability to open an email screen as split screen. Now, user will have only 2 options under User Preferences tab.
a. Normal
b. Pop-up
User Preferences tab in Sage CRM v7.2:

In CRM 7.1 version, Email split screen functionality was added using IFRAME. However for cross browser compatibility, Sage has removed the email split option.